CDN+ is our professional-grade Internet content distribution service, based on our cloud ecosystem supported by the best team of engineers and a state of the art software platforms, with 24/7 monitoring and 99.95% SLA. Offering a satellite and fiber optic teleport as well.

If you need to distribute or transport your audiovisual signals, CDN+ is the solution!

Our CDN+  is complemented with a great variety of features in order to bring all the functions that your operation may need, avoiding the complexity of leading with several providers and protocols.

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CDN+ Features

⚪ Trans-coding services (Cloud and On-Prem).

⚪ Teleport service with Satellite or IP reception.

⚪ Direct delivery to servers (CATV Operators, ISP, Hotels, etc.).

⚪ We are members of SRT Alliance. Our signals are compatible with any receiving server or encoder-decoder worldwide!

⚪ OTT service, Web and Social Networks with control of concurrent connections.

⚪ ABR function with the number of profiles you request.

⚪ Any Input, any output, SRT, HLS (m3u), MPEG-DASH, etc.

⚪ Supports DRM (Widevine, Playready, FairPlay, BuyDRM, EZDRM, PallyCon, Verimatrix).

⚪ Ad Insertion server (SSAI) based on signals with SCTE-35 markers.

⚪ Cloud based dashboard to monitor the streams (in and out).

⚪ Private CDN.

⚪ Point to Point transport.

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